Susannah Cragwick's homepage


I’m Susannah Cragwick, a writer and poet originally from Butte, Montana. My work has been featured in Patheos and Our Bible App.

As I walk through this journey of exploring, discovering and claiming my own definitions of Christian, saved by God, grace, purity, abundance, provision, hope, eternity, and all that is woven in between, I bow in reverence to my inner soul, to the power of my ancestry, my femininity, all that echoes Christ within me and Christ for me.

In beauty and rawness, in the mess of unanswered questions and my own stubbornness to find meaning, within the wanderings of curiosity, through brokenness, within joy, through the epiphanies I embrace and those that tear my heart open, I choose to keep writing.

I’m abandoning social expectations, algorithm perfection, the shattered holiness of pulling heartstrings and forcing people to feel.

My words are both my greatest empowerment and my deepest peace, the healing salve of wounds still resurfacing and the declaration of victory over every glass ceiling I have had to shatter.

In freedom from fear, in holiness redefined and all that is meant to be, I invite you to dwell here with me in this sacred place.