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some of what you've been taught
you now throw away
The stories that once defined your faith,
you don't see them in the same way.

Through your analysis of scripture and even your critique,
I walk beside you in the journey.
Your faith is not less than because of the answers that you seek.

Lies let misogyny control you under the facade of "purity" commanded from above.
Your body has never been trash, a crumpled flower, a dirty cup.
All you've ever been is the one I so deeply love.

Child, I have loved you in a million ways you'll never see.
Rise and know that your feminine form has always been a reflection of me.


The god that others have used to control
you has never existed. Form your own
views of God, spirituality, and everything
in between.
You were never meant to follow a deity
that someone else created in their own image.
Claim freedom over your own soul
and honor your own existence.
You don’t have to view yourself as completely flawed,
to lose confidence in yourself in order to fully accept
and experience the love of God. You are loved.
You have the power to change the world,
to empower the broken, even if you’ve
spent your whole life being conditioned
into believing you cannot. Rise. Awaken. Be.
You are powerful.

Morning Light

One morning you’ll wake up
and realize that the
shadows were never yours,
that the silhouettes
of nightmares and fear
had nothing to do
with who you are.

You’ll realize what it means
to dwell in shadows,
to know the journey
made you stronger
and that you are the reason for that strength.
You’ll know what it’s like to
see light through the crevices
and to know that light is you.

You’ll awaken to the blending
of pain and epiphany
and see unity within all
that is undefined
and yet understood by the soul,
for the soul chooses
where to wander,
chooses silence and
yet longs to be known.

You shall build your road
and walk upon it
and sweep away the lines
drawn for you by coercion
and fear.

Oh, on that day shall you awaken
and greet your own soul with the morning light
you created.

Define Your Own Soul

Define your own Soul
beyond the misconceptions of society
and stake claim of who you know you are
Circumstances, misconceptions, labels
were never meant to be your identity
For you are more than all of that.
You were never meant to be